Sector focus

We believe that successful advisors fundamentally understand the dynamics, ecosystem and convergence of the industry their clients operate in. That’s why we focus. Focus solely on the Technology, Media & Telecom space.

Not only is this where are our passion and experience lie, it is a space where innovation, disruption, new business model creation and convergence are happening at tremendous speeds – thus absolute focus, profound experience and deep connections are even more so an unconditional necessity for high-quality strategic advice and deal-making.


We respect entrepreneurs. We appreciate their passion, had work, qualities, faults and we understand their emotions. We know that it takes time to build a successful business and that strategies and processes may need to adapt.

Our role is to facilitate, steer, slow-down, accelerate, provide financial or strategic advice, be nice or be tough. Above all we are there to do what it takes where and when needed to support our clients in realising their ambitions.


We believe in partnerships with our clients. As we truly want to support our clients in their ambitions, we are there for the long-run. From series-A to growth capital raising, during buy-and-build programs to exit strategy, planning and execution.

We see ourselves as M&A lifecycle partners and are willing to invest in deep and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Focussed on achieving goals and ambitions in the long-term.